Small Business Consulting


FingertipsPro has a passion for entrepreneurship and promoting the growth of small business through interactive workshops and one-on-one mentoring. With nearly two decades of experience, there is a wealth of information to share about business operations, funding, contract negotiations, and much more. A few topics that are covered in the workshops and one-on-one coaching are start-up, operations, marketing, business finance, business credit, teaming and contracting with private, public, and nonprofit, locally and abroad.

Start-up Branding &

  • Establish Vision
  • Establish Business
  • Business Credit
  • Set Goals
  • State Licensing
  • Branding
  • Develop Plan
  • Organization Set-up
  • Launching

Workshop Series

Getting Started SB101

Our Small Business 101 Workshop covers Establish Vision, Set Goals, Develop Plan, Business Establishment, State Licensing, Organization Set up, Branding

Help I have an LLC, now what? SB201

Business Plan Review, Modify Strategy, Develop Marketing Approach, Update Business Model, Introduction to Business Credit, Re-branding Your Business, Expansion Opportunities

Mind You Business SB202

Business Operations (including management, administration, human capital and accounting), Funding and FingertipsPro's Biz CreditElixir™

Go Global! SB203

Marketing Online, Increase Agility, Creating a Virtual Presence, Social Media, Collaboration Tools, Establishing Relationships in Our New Normal, Connecting with your Audience

Let's Talk Strategy SB301

Fundamentals, Certifications, Strategy, Leveraging Your Certifications, Building Alliances (Teaming & Partnerships)

Scale to Compete SB302

Community, Business to Business (B2B), Fortune 500 Companies, Government Contracting (State/City/Municipality, Federal Agencies)

All Things Branding SB000

Expand on branding principles and provide resources and methods to marketing your business (digital, social and networking)




“Getting Started”, set-up and branding topics



“Mind Your Business”: Business Operations, Funding and Business Credit Blueprint™ topics



Building your customer base

Available slots on Monday / Friday evenings, Saturdays by Appointment Only

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