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Agile ?

Enterprise agility enables organizations to realize both long and short term goals based on value driven, prioritized workstreams. Agile essentially disrupts “business as usual” and forces change in existing business models, traditional organizational hierarchies, business operations and eventually culture. It changes the day-to-day approach to how teams work to get things done. It encourages value, focus, and engagement at an individual level. The agile mindset shift helps organizations adjust to rapid changes to priorities, demands on resources and evolving technology. It is also essential for organizations to adapt speedily to changes in the economy,

budgets and business requirements. Finally, the demand on time, that contributes to all of these changes, causes people to get ‘busy’, but non-productive. It is applicable to both technical and business process initiatives. Agile delivers increased productivity, improved employee engagement, ‘on-time’ deliverables, and transparency. FingertipsPro is committed to equipping stakeholders with vital tools to increase growth, through accountability, productivity, quality and transparency. The incorporation of agile methodologies and mindsets to business processes and software development has proven success across many industries and sectors of government.

Agile Project Management

  • Collaboratively, determine value and prioritize accordingly
  • Develop a strategic plan based on the most valued objectives
  • Outline milestones, estimated budgets and allocation of resources
  • Digital Transformation with DevOps


  • Equip all transformation team with agile and tools training
  • Dedicated Agile Coaches
  • Formal Agile Trainings
  • Develop enterprise-wide, streamlined, Change
    Management process (agile, hybrid and waterfall projects)
  • Strategic planning for all projects (assess value, prioritization,
    develop agile documentation, including agile contracts and planning)

Core Mission

FingertipsPro is a management consulting firm that offers solutions to address organizational changes, technology demands, and business process excellence. We specialize in agile transformation, including adoption and coaching with support in governance, change management, business analytics, data management. We also provide fundamental tools for requirements elicitation, analysis and software development. FingertipsPro is committed to empowering stakeholders with vital tools to increase growth through accountability, productivity, quality and transparency. We reinforce requirements elicitation techniques and equip organizations with collaborative tools to minimize missteps to optimize productivity in our new working models. Our strategies have enabled continual growth using agile methodologies, mindset shifts, and streamlining business processes. In addition, we have led the adoption of DevSecOps toolsets for software development and test automation with proven success across private firms and many government sectors. Our expertise is primarily in the financial, healthcare and retirement industries. And recently have expanded our competencies in transportation, economic development and legal services.


An elite management consulting firm that provides consulting services in organizational strategy, business agility, digital modernization and best in class training. We strive for continuous improvement within our organization and the organizations that we serve.


Empower our team of highly skilled consultants, analysts and developers to deliver superior quality, yield better than expected value and exceed customers’ expectations.

Our Values

Our core values are excellence, education, and partnership


ensures the highest quality to provide exemplary consultative leadership and support


continuous learning, development and application of new skills to provide innovative solutions


an extension to your existing team, resulting in improved coherence & empowerment



Kellye Dionne is an agile leader with over a decade of experience in management consulting, leading teams to agility through digital transformations, adoptions, scaled agile and hybrid busines and technical implementations. She currently holds certifications for PMI ACP, SAFe Agilist, AgilityHealth, Business Analysis, Lean Six Sigma & Adv-CSM. She is a results driven Agile Coach, an impactful Agile Trainer and effective Agile Facilitator. She is an experienced JIRA Administrator and Advanced User of (Atlassian Suite, i.e. Align, Trello, and Confluence). She is also proficient with other popular Agile industry tools (i.e. AzureDevOps, Rally, IBM Rational, GitHub and TFS).

Her industry expertise includes Pension, 401k and Healthcare Management, Communications, Finance and Administration. She has developed modern solutions, both locally and in the cloud, to administer plans for Custom Retirement Plan Management & Administration platforms and COTS OmniSuite which includes Omni, OmniPay, OmniPlus, Mainframe enhancements and custom .net solutions, proving agile frameworks are achievable, even in mainframe (batch dependent) applications.



She has an exemplary understanding and proficiency in various agile methodologies, including SCRUM, XP, Kanban, SAFe and Lean Management. Additionally, data analytic tools, project analysis, thorough aptitude for providing extensive research and ability to get “in the weeds”, complements her project management style. She’s experienced in SAP BI system development lifecycle management, report development, universe design, deployment, security implementation and authentication administration. Additional attributes encompass team building and establishing authentic relationships that ascend to highly effective team performance. Kellye is a mom of a teenage daughter, a dog mom of three Yorkshire Terriers, recently relocating to the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan and is a multi-entrepreneur. Her interests include networking, fitness, mentoring and international travel. She received a Bachelor of Science from Nova Southeastern University with concentrations in Mathematical Sciences and Psychology. She is a native Floridian and when time permits, she enjoys lounging on the beach.



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