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Organizational Program Management requires effective and efficient alignment, prioritization and execution of all executive programs in order to provide immediate and long-term value. We apply ‘lean management’, defines as “continuous improvement”, and is a proven technique used to systemically achieve incremental improvements to processes and procedure to improve quality and efficiency. Additionally, where applicable, we establish a Community of Practice, that encourages “standards” and establishes ‘Best Practices’, as teams apply business process excellence and document lessons learned.

Agilists By The Hour™ is an extension of your organization with the unique opportunity to add agile expertise at both strategic and tactical levels. FingertipsPro agilists are certified and seasoned professionals with an extensive agile knowledge in information technology, program/project management and business operations. We have monthly hours available on an as needed basis for strategic, tactical and facilitative support to meet your needs.

We have several options to ignite your transformation, while eliminating the need for full time resources. Additionally, with our adaptive approach to adoption, organizations can optimize the agile journey by leveraging our established Agile Transformation Office and its Agile Officers™ for strategic planning and implementation roadmaps. For those that have begun the journey, FingertipsPro’s Agile Transformation Unit provides tactical and facilitative support. Engage an Agile Deputy™ to be the ‘boots on the ground’ working side by side by your team.

Partners with senior leadership of an organization and leads the strategic approach for an agile transformation

Partners with middle management and leads the tactical approach for an agile transformation and agile adoption. Mentors agile teams on agile roles, process and tools.


Agile Transformation is a long-term, strategic realignment of mindset, processes and tools that assesses an organization’s readiness to implement agile methodologies to increase business agility. This evaluation is the basis to strategically develop the roadmap, potential impact and timeline.


Agile Adoption is a relatively short-term commitment that introduces agile principles and methodologies to teams. It identifies areas of the organization that are \"ready\" for continuous inspection and improvement, transparency and collaboration.

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Digital Modernizations

We have worked with many CIOs, Solutions Architects and DevSecOps Engineers to implement successful adoption of automated tool sets, infrastructure as code, and CI/CD using a variety of solutions.

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We align with organizations to establish and reconsider strategy, governance, change management, organizational structure, program development, digital transformations and most often, agile transformations. We have experience supporting large private sector organizations, medium and large sized federal agencies and large nonprofit organizations.

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